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VA Long Beach Healthcare System

Rehabilitation Service

Chief: Patricia Nance, MD
Business Manager: Jan Bouche
Phone: 562-826-5958

The Rehabilitation Service is proud to announce that the acute rehabilitation inpatient unit (Z Pod-R) is accredited by CARF (The Rehabilitation Accerditation Commission).

Scope of Services 

Rehabilitation services are designed to help persons with disabilities related to stroke, amputation, orthopedic surgery, head injury or neuromuscular disease, achieve a greater level of physical function and maintain a personally satisfying level of independence. The Rehabilitation Team (a group of health care professionals and support staff) work closely with the patient and family to provide preventive, diagnostic, and treatment services that will meet their individualized goals. Services may be provided on an inpatient or outpatient basis. Patients must be referred to the Rehabilitation Service by their primary care provider but are encouraged to contact us directly for general information.

About Us

The Z Pod-R acute rehabilitation program measures the success of its patients (achievement of goals) and compares results to patients with similar conditions at VA and private facilities throughout the country. We consistently score high which is a good indication of the high quality of services we offer. 

The Z Pod-R acute rehabilitation program has 10 beds. The average length of stay is 14 days and over 85% of the patients return to the community.  

The Rehabilitation Service takes patient satisfaction very seriously and uses a variety of measures (questionnaires, interviews, focus groups) to assess our performance. We consistently score high in patient satisfaction. 

The Rehabilitation Service is composed of three patient care and treatment sections:

I. Physical Medicine Medical Services 

II. Therapy Services  

III. Audiology and Speech Services   


I. Physical Medicine Medical Services

  1. A.      Physical Medicine Consultation and Follow up Clinics  

A physician who specializes in rehabilitation medicine (also known as physiatry) provides assessment and treatment services and coordinates all aspects of the patient's rehabilitation program.   

B.   Electrodiagnostic Clinic (EMG) 

Specialized tests can be performed to provide information on muscle and nerve function.

C. PACT Program

  1. Preservation-Amputation, Care and Treatment (PACT) provides services to patients at risk for amputation, and for amputees who have encountered lifestyle challenges.

D. Inpatient Ward (Z Pod-R, Nursing Home Care Unit) 

Medical, nursing, and ancillary services are provided to patients who would benefit from an acute rehabilitation program.  

E. Brace and Wheelchair Clinics   

Outpatient evaluation for prosthetic equipment which is offered through the Prosthetics Service. 

F. Cardiac Rehabilitation Program (Phase I and II)   

Joint program with Cardiology Service. Multidisciplinary evaluation and physical therapy services are provided.


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II. Therapy Services

A variety of specialized therapy services are offered to meet the individual needs and goals of the patient. They may include some or all of the following:

  1. A.     Kinesiotherapy (KT) 

The kinesiotherapist uses specialized exercise, physical conditioning, and education to treat the effects of injury and/or disease. 

B. Occupational Therapy (OT) 

The occupational therapist assists individuals in reestablishing their ability to carry on "life occupations" through the use of purposeful activities, instruction in compensatory techniques or adaptive devices, and cultivation of life skills. 

C. Physical Therapy (PT) 

The physical therapist uses exercise and physical measures such as heat, water, electricity to restore function. 

D. Recreation Therapy (RT)  

The recreation therapist provides activities to improve cognitive, physical, and social functioning.  

E. Vocational Rehabilitation Therapy (VRT) 

The vocational rehabilitation therapist provides assistance with job training and job seeking skills. 

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III. Audiology and Speech Therapy Services


The audiologist assists persons with hearing problems through the use of screening and identification techniques and provides a variety of treatment options (including hearing aids). 

Speech Therapy  

The speech therapist assists with the diagnosis of speech, communication, and swallowing problems and provides treatment through the use of specialized techniques and equipment.

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