United States Department of Veterans Affairs

VA Long Beach Healthcare System

Veterans and Family Assistance

Chief - Nancy Downey, DNP
Patient Advocate - Tamani Moore
Program Support Specialist - Mike Cuneo

(562) 826-5467
(562) 826-5333

Location: Building 126- Room W169

The VA Long Beach Healthcare System has a Customer Service staff who is here to help you with any questions or issues you may want to discuss.

The Customer Service Specialists are a link between you and the VA Long Beach Healthcare System.

If you have a concern, please ask for help immediately. The Customer Service Specialist will work with you and your clinical care team to make certain your healthcare needs are met. We are here  to assist you.

Do not hesitate to express dissatisfaction if you are not pleased with services provided.

When you assist in identifying problems, you give us the opportunity to improve patient services to all veterans. The presentation of a complaint will not jeopardize your future access to quality care. Your suggestions for improved care and services are always welcomed.


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